Business Continuity Essential Piece to the Overall Emergency Management Puzzle

May 23, 2023 | Chapter Event

The steady rise of natural disasters, increase in cyber attacks, and the 2022 updated requirements from the Joint Commission surrounding emergency management all have hospitals paying closer attention to the details of their response and recovery plans—more than ever before.

The focus on the availability of critical systems that support the management of records is at an all-time high and the need for solid business continuity plans is essential to patient care. However, healthcare organizations often find it challenging to figure out where to begin, as there are many pieces to the preparedness puzzle. This session focuses on key elements to developing a thorough business continuity plan and explains how it fits into the overall organizational emergency management program.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the importance of having a business continuity Plan, backed by statistics/case studies.
  • Analyze critical considerations to ensure the plan is viable to continuing patient care.
  • Explore how the business continuity plan fits into the overall emergency management structure.


  • Tracy Hall, Senior Manager, Wolf & Company, P.C.

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