Call for Reviewers for HIMSS25

May 13 - 30, 2024 | Conference
HIMSS25 Call for Reviewers is now open through May 30, 2024!

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Review proposed education sessions for HIMSS25 held March 3-6, 2025 in Las Vegas! The Call for Reviewers is a yearly request for HIMSS members to review and recommend proposals that have been submitted for the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition within their areas of expertise. All HIMSS members are encouraged to apply to be reviewers.

The peer review process for proposals enhances efficiency and maximizes the quality of education offered to conference attendees. 200+ subject matter experts are selected—and our reviewers are the backbone of this critical process.


Led by the HIMSS Global Health Conference Education Committee (GHCEC), review teams evaluate proposals. Each proposal is evaluated by a minimum of three reviewers, based on several criteria.

The GHCEC select initial proposals for inclusion in the conference education program and ensures their optimal timeliness and relevance based on the reviewer scores and comments. Once accepted, selected speakers submit a first-draft presentation and a FINAL presentation. The GHCEC and Reviewers (Mentors) review the presentation drafts to ensure they follow HIMSS guidelines and reflect the content initially submitted in the proposals.

Within our ever-changing industry, this process presents a best practice for ensuring optimal, world-class, peer-reviewed education sessions.

Reviewer Requirements

  • Be a current HIMSS member. Member number is required to submit the application.
  • Submit a completed online reviewer application.
  • Submit a current resume/CV.
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise in one or more HIMSS25 topic categories.


  • Reviewers are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • No more than five reviewers will be selected from the same organization.
  • Reviewers must be unbiased in reviewing, scoring and commenting on proposals.

All reviewer candidates are evaluated by the GHCEC. Applicants will be notified of their reviewer status after the GHCEC reviews completed applications and current resumes/CVs.

Reviewer Benefits

  • Be among the first to read the education proposals submitted through the HIMSS25 Call for Proposals.
  • Earn points toward HIMSS Senior/Fellow advancement and CPHIMS/CAHIMS certification.
  • Mentor speakers through the presentation preparation process.
  • Receive a non-transferrable 10% discount off of your 2025 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition conference pass registration.

Reviewer Responsibilities

Review and score proposals
Reviewers will read and evaluate proposals online via the proposal submission site. A reviewer should expect to review and evaluate/score an average of 10–20 proposals in a given topic area.

Mentor accepted speakers
Reviewers will Mentor speakers with one or two accepted sessions to guide the speakers through the presentation process, acting as a sounding board and providing them with constructive feedback. Reviewers will be paired with presentations within their areas of expertise.

Host sessions onsite
If attending conference, Mentors will be asked to serve as a Session Host.  A Session Host provides a brief introduction of the session speakers, helps with Q&A, keeps the speakers on time, and assists the speakers as needed in the education session room.  


Contact Debra Clough, program manager, Global Health Conference education.