Interoperability for the Patient

November 17, 2022 | Chapter Event

Join us for this riveting conversation as we host interoperability and behavioral health experts to share their experience surrounding the technical transformation and describe the impact this has on their patients. Hear about how technology permeates almost every facet of our lives, making data easily accessible. We have seen exponential growth in health IT over the years. With all the hype on emerging technologies and consumer facing applications, it is a wonder that patients continue to struggle navigating our healthcare system.

During this panel we take a look back at the interoperability journey. Panelists will be brutally honest about initiatives that got us sidetracked and how we left groups of people behind. As we dig into the lessons learned from our past, we also share our achievements and ask panelists to elaborate on the positive technical enhancements they have implemented to increase patient accessibility.


  • Elise Kohl-Grant, former CIO and Healthcare Engagement Advisor, Amazon Web Services
  • Paul L Wilder, Executive Director, Common Well Health Alliance
  • Arvind Rao, National Leader for Behavioral Health, RSM US LLP
  • Julia Zhou, Chief Information Officer, CBH
  • Dr. Aaron Patterson, Chief Medical Information Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

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