Medical Device Security (IoMT): Navigating the Future of Healthcare

June 20, 2024
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Medical Device Security (IoMT)

Join the Greater Kansas City HIMSS chapter for a virtual session on the ever-important topic of Medical Device Security within the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). With healthcare organizations increasingly reliant on connected medical devices, the need for robust security measures has never been more paramount. This session, led by an expert from Palo Alto Networks, delves into the latest strategies and technologies for safeguarding medical devices from cyber threats. Participants will explore the complexities of IoMT security, gaining insights into protecting sensitive patient data and ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of critical healthcare devices.

Topics Will Include:

  • Understanding the IoMT Landscape
  • Key Challenges and Solutions in Medical Device Security
  • Best Practices for IoMT Security
  • Future Trends and Technologies in Healthcare Cybersecurity


Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and secure your organization’s medical devices against evolving cyber threats. Equip yourself with the tools and information necessary to lead in the protection of IoMT. 


 Guest Speakers:


Daniel Dunstedter
Daniel Dunstedter, Director of Data Security & HIPAA Security
Palo Alto Networks


  Daniel is an accomplished cybersecurity professional with over 19 years of experience. Most of his background is in networking but the last 8 years have been in cybersecurity. Daniel manages a small team for a mid-sized healthcare organization in central Missouri. His team has been focused on improving their IoT and MIoT security posture through the Palo Alto monitoring and protection solutions.
Patrick Fischer
Patrick Fischer, Systems Engineer
Palo Alto Networks


  Patrick is a father, and husband (7years) and lives in Omaha, NE. He has been in Healthcare for 9 years, Starting at Children's Nebraska as a Clinical Engineer, moving into Philips Healthcare as an engineer and progressing to consultant, solutions designer, and  finally infrastructure architect. Patrick came to Palo's healthcare vertical to focus on cybersecurity in the industry that guides his "why" in hopes to better protect our communities through the support of our health systems and their patients.
David Trejo
David Trejo, Systems Engineer
Palo Alto Networks


  David has been at Palo Alto Networks for 3 years as a systems engineer, specializing in helping healthcare organizations enhance their security posture and protect sensitive data.  His background is in cybersecurity, previously working in digital forensics and Industrial IoT.  Originally from San Antonio Texas, David has been in Kansas City for 2 years.


June 20th, 2024

12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Free to all!