Healthbox Joins the HIMSS Family: One Year Later

Healthbox Joins the HIMSS Family: One Year Later

Hard to believe that we are edging up to our one year anniversary of joining HIMSS. I remember writing these words full of excitement, nerves and anticipation: Today is an exciting day. I am thrilled to announce that Healthbox is now a part of the HIMSS family, the global leader in transforming health through information and technology. Healthbox will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of HIMSS – continuing to serve our clients and partners while contributing meaningfully to the broader HIMSS portfolio.

What have we learned over the last year?

What remains true is that we have found a kindred spirit in HIMSS with a similarly bold vision: “better health through information and technology.” Truly ‘better health' will come through reinvention. ‘Information and technology’ have been and will be core to the innovations we have helped launch and scale over the years. As the healthcare advisory services firm in partnership with HIMSS, our core expertise is rooted in healthcare innovation and held to the highest standard of objectivity.

Healthbox was founded seven years ago to catalyze healthcare innovation ecosystems by providing access, community and capital to entrepreneurs around the world. When we spun out of Sandbox Industries in 2014 and brought in strategic partners like Intermountain Healthcare and Healthcare Services Corporation, we evolved from a healthcare technology accelerator into the innovation consulting and venture fund management firm we are today. In 2016, when I became President of Healthbox, we doubled down on this evolution and rewrote our mission statement: “to empower the reinvention of healthcare.”

And what are we doing to advance this mission?

  • Partnering for strategic success: We’re helping healthcare leaders develop and execute innovation and digital strategies that support broader organizational objectives and exponential improvements in the service and delivery of care. Healthbox is excited to share one of our digital strategy success stories at the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition.
  • Inspiring new ideas: Our partnerships with leading organizations such as Intermountain Healthcare and Orlando Health help their employees develop solutions to address the pain points they experience as professionals at the front lines of care. Our innovation programs build entrepreneurial competencies from within, providing leadership with in-depth exposure to internal challenges and employee ideas, and foster a proactive culture to resolve challenges in healthcare and the workplace. High-potential ideas are assessed for commercial potential and/or enterprise scale to create even greater impact.
  • Tackling new challenges: Earlier this year we convened a select group of industry leaders to examine the influence of social determinants on individual and community health and the evolving opportunity for healthcare organizations to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of care. In 2019, Healthbox launches our Social Determinants of Health Strategy services which will help organizations create actionable plans to address health disparities.
  • Convening for change: Healthbox is working with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to plan, launch, and facilitate the Deputy Secretary Innovation & Investment Summit (DSIIS). Our team will convene the work group to identify, address, prioritize and address key healthcare challenges in the United States. DSIIS seeks to channel the spirit of collaboration into the results of collaboration – quickly and at scale – for the benefit of the American people, taxpayers and patients. This initiative is created and disseminated at tax-payer expense.

As a proud member of the HIMSS family and as one of HIMSS’s Innovation Companies, our approach to innovation combined with HIMSS’s scale, experience and legacy as a trusted partner to the community has put our shared goals within reach. Together, we are empowering the reinvention of healthcare on a global scale.

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Healthbox, a HIMSS Innovation Company and healthcare advisory firm, drives innovation from the inside and out, helping organizations build internal innovation programs, assess the potential of employee-led projects and look to the market to find solutions to implement or invest in.

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