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Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum Explores Patient Safeguards and Defense Fortification

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The foremost authorities in healthcare cybersecurity will share cutting-edge defenses and strategies to prepare for future attacks at the 2023 HIMSS Cybersecurity Forum from Sept. 7-8 in Boston. 

Healthcare cybersecurity professionals will learn best practices for safeguarding patients, defending against attackers and delivering business value while adapting solutions for talent shortages and inconsistent cybersecurity governance. Registration for the forum is open. 

The event offers access to industry visionaries, including John Riggi, National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk, American Hospital Association; Joelle Calcavecchia, Special Agent, FBI Boston Division; and William Scott O’Donnell, Special Agent and Private Sector Coordinator, FBI Boston Division. 

With continuing education and professional development opportunities, attendees will discover new career opportunities, gain industry recognition and explore possibilities for professional growth.  

Session highlights include:   

  • The Global Cyber Threat Landscape: Healthcare Risk, Impact and Response  
  • Artificial Intelligence: Cybersecurity's Friend or Foe?  
  • How a Physician-Owned Practice Recovered from an Advanced Ryuk Ransomware Strike  
  • loT, loMT, and OT: Safeguarding the Connected Hospital  

The forum features networking opportunities through luncheons and table talks, designed to connect the healthcare cybersecurity community.  

Learn to proactively shield healthcare's expanding digital footprint and secure data beyond the confines of an enterprise. Come away empowered to implement cybersecurity measures that ward off malicious attacks, maintain patient trust, and ensure business continuity.  

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View the 2023 HIMSS Cybersecurity Forum press release. 

HIMSS Cybersecurity Forum

The HIMSS 2023 Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum explores how the industry is fortifying its defenses today and preparing strategies for the future. The Cybersecurity Forum offers invaluable knowledge, networking opportunities and inspiration to excel in the ever-evolving landscape.

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