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Highlighting Cutting-Edge EU Healthcare Projects at HIMSS24 Europe

Six pioneering EU projects will take center stage during the EU Projects in Focus session, taking place 30 May at the 2024 HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition in Rome, Italy. This unique session offers a platform for EU-funded projects and HIMSS communities to forge influential partnerships, exchange valuable insights and propel digital health innovations forward. 

At HIMSS24 Europe, visionaries in the healthcare sector will come together to reshape the healthcare landscape across the European Union. Together, participants in the EU Projects in Focus session will focus on empowering citizens and elevating healthcare outcomes through groundbreaking initiatives. HIMSS will foster a collaborative environment, uncovering synergy between the participating EU projects. 

Each project represents a beacon of innovation, spotlighting advancements in healthcare’s biggest challenges. Through diverse approaches, these projects harness the power of AI, big data, and digital tools to revolutionize patient care, drive cost efficiencies and ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems.


The AI4Health.Cro is a non-profit public-private consortium of experts in the field of AI, healthcare and startups that see artificial intelligence (AI) as the key to advancing healthcare and medicine. The consortium brings together 15 partners coordinated by the Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) and is funded equally under the Digital Europe Program and the Next Generation EU. 


Digital health technologies (DHTs) aim to enhance European healthcare quality and sustainability by gathering real-world data. However, assessing their value poses methodological challenges to existing Health Technology Assessments (HTAs). EDiHTA will be the first flexible, inclusive, validated and ready-for-use European HTA framework reaching TRL 6-7, allowing the assessment of different DHTs at different TRLs, territorial levels (national, regional and local) and perspectives. It will involve stakeholders in design, development, and validation, piloting in five major European hospitals and with DHT developers.  


FLUTE is a groundbreaking initiative transforming healthcare via data altruism & privacy preservation. The FLUTE project aims to advance data-driven healthcare by innovating privacy-preserving cross-border data utilization in Prostate Cancer. Through advanced research in secure multi-party computation and Federated Learning, it integrates technical innovations into a privacy-enforcing platform. To maximize impact, FLUTE contributes to global standards development and creates GDPR-compliant guidelines.  


The Gravitate-Health mission is to equip and empower citizens with digital information tools that make them confident, active, and responsive in their patient journey. Specifically, it encourages the safe use of medicines for better health outcomes and quality of life. 41 leading partners, including HIMSS, from civil society, academia, and industry across 15 countries have joined forces to develop these novel, patient-focused healthcare information tools. The Gravitate-Health Lens (G-lens) focuses on approved electronic product information (ePI) content. It offers patients a route to access trustworthy, up-to-date information tailored to meet their individual needs. 


Label2Enable, an EU-funded project, champions the adoption of a quality label for health and wellness apps, based on CEN-ISO/TS 82304-2. The project envisions a digital single market where high-quality and safe health apps are used at scale for prevention, health care and self-care. It is currently transitioning to a sustainable network of app labelling organisations. 


The WARIFA project aims to create a prototype for an integrated early risk assessment tool based on AI. This tool will offer personalized recommendations for managing NCDs-related chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases. Accessible via a user-friendly smartphone interface, WARIFA will empower individuals to take control of their health.  

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