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HIMSS Congratulates President-Elect Biden

A crowd at a distance from the U.S. Capitol building wave small American flags

HIMSS, a non-partisan organization on a mission to reform global health through information and technology, congratulates President-elect Joe Biden on a successful campaign and election.

Under the Biden Administration, HIMSS will work closely with the U.S. Congress, public policymakers, state legislatures and regulatory bodies to improve health through information and technology.

HIMSS and its 80,000 members know that healthcare technology can be leveraged to better address the COVID-19 pandemic and as a key enabler for advancing value-based care and expanding patient access, particularly in rural, urban and underserved communities.

HIMSS will continue to support policies that further embrace healthcare technology advancements in all areas of digital health, including connected care, telehealth, interoperability standards, and patient data privacy and security.

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