Meet the HIMSS18 Veterans Career Services Scholarship Recipients

Meet the HIMSS18 Veterans Career Services Scholarship Recipients

By Maggie Van Vossen, Manager, Professional Development, HIMSS

HIMSS is committed to empowering our military and veteran population with knowledge regarding professional development and employment opportunities within the health information and technology industry. The goal of the HIMSS Veterans Career Services (VCS) Initiative is to welcome transitioning military veterans into the health information and technology field – a growing and promising area for technologically adept veterans.

As a part of the VCS program, HIMSS, through the generous sponsorship of HIMSS Chapters, supports the HIMSS Chapter Sponsored Veterans Career Services Scholarship program. This year six recipients were selected to receive this scholarship and have the opportunity to attend the HIMSS18 Global Conference. This program is open to veterans, transitioning service members, eligible spouses or survivors interested in the health information and technology field and includes complementary conference registration, airfare, lodging, and an honorarium.

Thank you to the following HIMSS Chapters for sponsoring this year’s recipients:

Arizona Chapter

Austin Chapter

Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter

Maryland Chapter

Mississippi Chapter

Nevada Chapter

New York State Chapter

Northern California Chapter

Virginia Chapter

Voices of the HIMSS18 Veterans Career Services Scholarship Recipients

“For the past few years my career path and interests have lead me to begin seeking employment in information technology, more specifically in the area of informatics … I would like to contribute to research and assist in the creation of efficient systems; and teach physicians and clinicians how to effectively use them. Attending HIMSS will allow me a chance to meet talented individuals in this field and become more familiar with the many aspects of healthcare informatics. It will offer me the perfect boost I need to begin my professional information technology journey.”

– Alicia Stevens-Haynes, Air Force, South Carolina


“I am eager to learn from and network with others over the various conference topics that will be presented. I hope to gain insight on policies, practices, and technological advancements that are influencing the direction of healthcare. Additionally, I look forward to learning about professional opportunities that will allow me to apply the skills I acquired during my time in the military towards the field of healthcare. I take special interest in areas of compliance, risk management, and program integrity. Learning about the issues healthcare organizations face will allow me to contribute towards strategic solutions and implementation methods. Overall, I am excited to immerse myself in an environment in which so many opportunities are available.”

– Ani Saakyan, Army National Guard, California


“I am looking for an opportunity to explore and impact healthcare IT because the field transects my education, my interests, and my passion all at once … All of Healthcare IT is on the move as it develops and evolves … My aspirations to use formal education and my acquired skillset to improve the lives of others are lofty, but I believe they are attainable.”

– Jayde Antonio, Army, Maryland


"There are many paths you can take in the health care field, but my calling is to help our military veterans and their families. Attending HIMSS18 will help build and expand my knowledge in the electronic healthcare field, which will give me a greater skill set to do my job now as well as help me in the future. The healthcare industry is always evolving and I believe that in order to be successful I need to continue to evolve with it.”

– Jessica Chavers, Army, Tennessee


“My goal is to be a leader in healthcare technology and digital health to help create a world where technology enables the medical field to provide more effective solutions to improving healthcare. HIMSS18 will serve as a key component in my enduring journey toward understanding healthcare IT and will dramatically accelerate my goal of being able to have a lasting, global impact in improving the human condition through healthcare and technology. HIMSS18 will expose me to the latest in healthcare technology, to the leaders in this industry, and keep me abreast to new and exciting developments in the world of digital health. I help others achieve by challenging assumptions, asking the right questions, and having a willingness to fail early, fail often, and fail forward. My mind is always brimming with ideas and I see potential in everyone and in everything.”

– Jose Vasquez, Army, New York


“During nursing school, multiple instructors noticed my aptitude for IT related tasks. They said I should consider a career in Nursing Informatics. I really had no idea how important HIT was becoming in healthcare until I started working as an RN … I am board certified in Nursing Informatics and will complete my CPHIMS certification before April of this year. I am dedicated to providing a health IT environment that is the safest for our patients and the most efficient for our end-users, all while incorporating data-based decision making into our clinical and business processes. . . Reviewing the educational topics for HIMSS18, so much of the content is applicable to my current role and would help me build my knowledge base. Most of all, I am interested in hearing from other organizations and industry leaders about HIT solutions they are applying to some of the problems that are affecting Healthcare organizations today.”

– Ryan Zulkoski, Army/Army National Guard, Nebraska

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