Member Spotlight: Deepti Pandita, MD, FACP, FAMIA

HIMSS is spotlighting members of the Physician Committee. Today, HIMSS features Deepti Pandita, MD, FACP, FAMIA. She is currently a CMIO and Associate Professor of Medicine at UCI Health and the 2024 HIMSS Physician Committee Chair.

While serving on the Physician Committee, Dr. Pandita has made impactful contributions to content relating to interprofessional collaboration value, user experience, physician burden reduction, AI and many other areas.

Below, Dr. Pandita touches on the importance of and future of HIT. 

How have industry connections and relationships helped you achieve your biggest professional milestones?

Industry connections have allowed me access to opportunities that were often not publicly known including collaboration on projects, relationship building, and knowledge sharing.

What are the benefits of a health information and technology career? Why should someone consider it?

The demand for health IT professionals continues to rise as healthcare organizations increasingly adopt digital solutions to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and comply with regulatory requirements. This growing demand translates into a wide range of job opportunities and career advancement prospects for individuals with relevant skills and expertise. What I personally like about a career in Health IT is that the field is dynamic and constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology, healthcare practices, and regulatory requirements. Professionals in this field can engage in lifelong learning, stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies, and contribute to innovative solutions that address evolving challenges in healthcare delivery and management.

What do you see as the future of health information and technology? Where do you think the industry can/will go?

The future of health information and technology is characterized by innovation, integration, and empowerment, with a focus on leveraging advanced technologies such as AI including LLM’s, data-driven insights, and patient-centric approaches to drive positive outcomes and transform the healthcare landscape.

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