Member Spotlight: Roosevelt De Los Santos, MD MBA MS FAAP FACHE FAMIA CHCIO CDH-E

HIMSS is spotlighting members of the Physician Committee. Today, HIMSS features Roosevelt De Los Santos, MD MBA MS FAAP FACHE FAMIA CHCIO CDH-E, a Medical Director in Health Informatics.

Dr. De Los Santos is in his second year on the HIMSS Physician Committee and has contributed to areas relating to interprofessional collaboration value, physician burden, and care transformation. He is also a very active member of the HIMSS Southern Floria Chapter.

Continue reading to learn his thoughts on careers and the future of HIT.

How have industry connections and relationships helped you achieve your biggest professional milestones?

Within my professional network and through meaningful relationships, I have been fortunate to receive encouragement to assume leadership positions in volunteer organizations like HIMSS. My involvement with the HIMSS Physician Committee and my local Chapter has significantly expanded my interests and perspective, while also maintaining a strong connection to my community—both locally and globally. Professional milestones in my journey include participating in initiatives to reduce clinician burden in the electronic health record and enhancing interprofessional collaboration between physicians and nurses within healthcare and informatics. Additionally, I have advocated with our state lawmakers for health information technology that directly affects the well-being of our citizens, healthcare workforce, and health systems.

What are the benefits of a health information and technology career? Why should someone consider it?

A career in health information and technology helps individuals to address challenges and opportunities at the individual patient, health system, and population levels. I find that it complements the skills we have honed as clinicians and amplifies one’s impact and reach in problem-solving. I firmly believe that physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinicians who embrace health IT and informatics can enhance the experience for our members, patients, and fellow healthcare colleagues.

What do you see as the future of health information and technology? Where do you think the industry can/will go?     

The future of health information technology is going to be inclusive and accessible for individuals from all walks of life, right in the comfort of their homes and workplaces. This will help people to stay in a good state of health with an emphasis on prevention, rather than institutional sick care.

In parallel, health technology will support clinicians and other healthcare team members. They will provide better patient care with more scalable and cost-efficient models, all while reducing the burden and burnout of these demanding roles. Artificial intelligence will be the cornerstone of this transformation and will help shape a healthier world. 

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