Nurses Month Member Spotlight: Jon Lowe, MS, RN-BC

Jon Lowe, MS, RN-BC

With his background in philosophy and a passion for nursing, Jon Lowe, MS, RN-BC has paved a unique path in the field of nursing informatics. Currently a Senior Clinical Informaticist at Centura Health, he shares his insights on leadership, overcoming challenges, and professional development.

When asked about his inspiration in leadership, Jon cites Sharon Kirby, the first CNIO he worked for. "She is a trusting leader who helped me bring my best to the table many times," he says. For Jon, a strong nursing informatics leader possesses not only the necessary clinical and informatics experience, but also authenticity, the ability to shift culture, and vulnerability. "The best leaders are calculated risk-takers who don't mistake consensus for the lowest common denominator," he adds.

"The best leaders are authentic, have the capacity to shift culture, and display vulnerability. A strong leader must also be a calculated risk-taker who does not mistake consensus for the lowest common denominator."

As a Senior Clinical Informaticist, Jon faces various challenges associated with technological innovation and change. To overcome these challenges, he takes a curiosity-driven approach. "You can't innovate, change, or fix without that," he explains. By being problem-obsessed and conducting thorough assessments, Jon and his team can provide actionable solutions.

To maintain his competencies in the evolving role of nursing informatics, Jon keeps himself on his toes. He raises his hand for precepting and teaching opportunities and maintains various professional certifications. Additionally, his role as Informatics Committee Chair at Colorado HIMSS and involvement in the HIMSS Education and Networking Taskforce keeps him engaged in knowledge-sharing platforms. "That said, I'm planning to take a statistics and evidence-based practice class this summer. I look forward to getting schooled," he quips.

Jon Lowe exemplifies the creativity and versatility that can thrive in the field of nursing informatics. His philosophy background has only enhanced his commitment to ethical and meaningful practice. As he continues to grow and develop, we can only imagine the impact he will have on the field. As the motto he continues to align himself with says: "ethics without action is fraud." We can rest assured that Jon's actions will continue to align with his principles.


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