Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Volume 25, Summer 2021

Volume 25, Summer 2021
Online Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI) Summer 2021
ISSN # 1089-9758 Indexed in CINAHL © 1996 – 2021

Featuring the work of:

Kaminski, J., Lindayani, L., Taryudi, & Darmawati, I., Choi, J., Jung, H T, & Choi, J., Carson, N., Campbell-Smit, B., Walters, W., Sharp, K., & Smailes, P., Abdekhoda, M. & Khezri, H., Agyemang-Gyau, P., Davis, D., Alvey, R., Miller, J.



Using virtual resources to predict heat wave outcomes and support resilience.
Kaminski, J.


Nurses’ perceptions of the application of the internet of things in healthcare services in Indonesia: A mixed methods study.
Lindayani, L., Taryudi, & Darmawati, I.

Marijuana addiction prediction models by gender in young adults using random forest
Choi, J., Jung, H T, & Choi, J.

Electronic health record training for nurse leaders
Carson, N., Campbell-Smit, B., Walters, W., Sharp, K., & Smailes, P.

Student Articles

Investigating the impact of health informatics literacy on the evidence-based practice of nursing.
Abdekhoda, M. & Khezri, H.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and the Implications for Providers.
Agyemang-Gyau, P.

Using Technology to Reduce Missed Appointments
Davis, D.

Robotics in Healthcare
Alvey, R.

How Blockchain Can Be Used for Personal Health Record Storage and Security
Miller, J.