PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC is SOE (state owned enterprise) Hospital Holding. The vision of PT Pertamina Bina Medika IHC (hereinafter referred to as PT PERTAMEDIKA IHC) to build an Indonesian Health Corporation by realizing national health resilience is carried out in order to support the 5th RI Government Nawacita Program and 3 Pillars, namely healthy Indonesia.

With a mission to build a collaborative ecosystem in the health business sector, take corporate actions on the health business, provide health services with the best standards and create new business models and digital-based health data integration. The translation of Indonesia's health resilience through control of the health market and building the sovereignty of the health supply chain is pursued by establishing a health sector ecosystem according to the strategic objectives by consolidating or integrating SOE hospitals and becoming agents of development.

As a company with the majority owner of Pertamina (Persero) which has a business in the health sector, Pertamedika IHC up to currently has 36 state-owned hospitals, 8 subsidiaries, 39 hospitals KSO, and 145 Pertamedika IHC Clinic Networks spread throughout Indonesia

Along with the increasingly massive technological developments, almost all companies take the initiative to develop a professional Information Technology (IT) System in their business processes. Likewise with Pertamedika IHC, which currently plays an important role as a SOE Hospital Holding to continue to strive to provide quality health services, increase network and scale, develop capabilities and innovation, as well as integration and synergy to build a national health sector ecosystem. In line with the Company's vision to realize "National Health Resilience through Scale, World Class Service, and Operational Excellence", the Company took the initiative to build an excellent IT system in order to improve service quality and national health resilience. In order for IT System development to run effectively and with strategic value to encourage the creation of excellent and competitive health services, Pertamedika IHC implements an IT System that emphasizes a balance of 3 (three) main aspects, namely People, Process, and Technology (PPT), otherwise known as the Golden Triangle framework.

IHC took the initiative to develop services globally, with the establishment of the Bali International Hospital and also in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. To support equal distribution of health services, especially for brain and heart services, IHC established the Pertamina Royal Biringkanaya Heart & Brain Hospital in Makasar. In the future, IHC will also build a brain and heart hospital in Bandung, West Java, in collaboration with Padjajaran University.