Andrew Pearce

Vice President, Analytics & Global Advisory Lead

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Health system performance
  • Digital health strategy
  • Return on investment

Recent Press Coverage

  • I am constantly providing input to and quotes for HIMSS media releases and case studies in APAC.  To include past references and those in the future, please liaise with Thiru Gunasegaran (MR), APAC editor, see
  • Non-HIMSS coverage and publications recently includes

Social Media

Committees/Panel/Association Participation

  • I am on and chair a number of HIMSS committees but none externally

Areas of Interest

  • Digital health transformation, structures and maturity in health systems
  • National and jurisdiction-wide digital health transformation
  • Health system outcomes including optimising return on investment linked to digital maturity

Points of View

Do you have any cornerstone beliefs that inform the way you approach/think about our relationship to healthcare?

Healthcare is one sector that prides itself on being driven by both science and evidence.  Through the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced for the wider population globally this needs for research and evidence to not only inform the way ahead but also progress made.  This applies equally to digital health transformation.  Organisations need research-based insights and guidance to optimise their digital health transformation through the power of measurement and strategy.  This is what HIMSS does.  As the lead for analytics and advisory in APAC I am privileged to work with government, providers, vendors and payers to guide their digital health transformation every day to achieve our vision of realising the full health potential of every human, everywhere.

In a big picture sense, what are some of your expectations for the future of healthcare and information/technology?

With the global pandemic, we have seen a significant shift in healthcare with regards to how it has needed to respond to aging populations with complex health needs, manage equity of access, workforce sustainability, technological advances not always delivering on promises and operating in an environment of disruption and uncertainty.   Some examples include limited adoption of technologies at scale, escalating cyber security risks since the pandemic, severe workforce shortages in digital work environments that are not well established, and the sector promoting programs (e.g. World’s Best Smart Hospitals) that focus on the technology adopted rather than what those technologies enable health systems to achieve.   

To address these challenges, we need to build together a digital health ecosystem.   This is an ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed.  It is an ecosystem where operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven, informed by data and real-world evidence to achieve exceptional quality, safety and performance that is sustainable.