Christina Caraballo

Vice President, Informatics

Areas of Expertise

  • Interoperability, Standards & Health Ecosystems; Consumer Access & Engagement; Health IT Policy & Strategy; Local to Global Innovation & Culture Change; Internal & External Leadership

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Committees/Panel/Association Participation

  • Support for all Informatics Committees/Communities

Areas of Interest

  • Interoperability & ecosystem expansion, public health, health equity, international markets   Support for all Informatics Committees/Communities


Christina is a force of positive energy and is known as a thought leader who solves problems. She is transforming health care by synergizing her passions for policy, innovation, interoperability, consumer engagement, access to information, and the adoption of health IT. Christina’s mission is to transform healthcare through the adoption of health information technology (health IT), make a positive impact in the world and improve communities at the local, national, and international levels. With a deep understanding of the real-world challenges the industry must overcome to implement a robust health IT infrastructure that serves all stakeholders. Christina is an integral part of HIMSS initiatives focused on advancing the adaption and use of standards-based health IT and expanding the health and healthcare ecosystems with a focus on access to information, vulnerable populations, and communities. As a recognized leader in the health IT sector, Christina is an active participate in and advocates for industry initiatives that strive to increase the adoption of health IT, interoperability, and patient engagement.