Janella Kaczanko

Vice President, Human Resources

As Vice President of Human Resources at HIMSS, Kaczanko is responsible for numerous forward-thinking initiatives: cultural development, change management, employee engagement, organizational development, learning and development, recruitment and overall talent strategy for the enterprise.

Kaczanko has extensive executive leadership experience in multiple, global Fortune 1000 organizations where she served as a Human Resources leader, leading acquisition integrations, strategic planning, operational consolidations, HRIS standardizations, employee engagement and many others. Her achievements span strategic planning, operations, and turnaround initiatives in highly complex and competitive business climates. Kaczanko has worked in organizations with up to 27,000 employees and proven her capacity to formulate unique human resources solutions focused on large mission critical initiatives.

Before joining HIMSS, Kaczanko served as VP of Human Resources for R1 RCM Inc., where she managed compensation, benefits, policies, HRIS and business partnership, where she delivered a new competitive compensation program that was aligned with Board expectations, resulting in increased retention of key executives and improved the ability of the organization to attract new executive team members.

Prior to R1 RCM, Kaczanko served RJ O’Brien & Associates LLC, a $500M company with 600 employees in 4 countries, where she was the lead Human Resources executive reporting to CEO and Chairman with global responsibility for all aspects of engagement, recruiting, benefits, compensation, HRIS, and talent management.

Prior to RJ O’Brien & Associates LLC, Kaczanko worked as Vice President of Human Resources for MF Global, the largest global financial derivatives broker with 3,100 employees and West Corporation, a $2.6B telecom company.

Kaczanko has a Master of Business Administration degree from Wayne State University and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Purdue University.