Rob Havasy

Senior Director, Informatics Strategy

Areas of Expertise

  • Connected health
  • Telemedicine
  • EHR integrations

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Committees/Panel/Association Participation

  • Board member, Xcertia
  • Connected Health Community
  • PCHA US Policy Workgroup
  • EU Policy Workgroup
  • Aging and Technology Workgroup
  • Continua Technical Workgroups

Areas of Interest

  • Telemedicine, EHR deployments, cybersecurity
  • Hospital IT operations, the role of a CIO, the role of different people in an IT organization, the governance structure of IT projects, etc.
  • The use of connected technologies to deliver care in non-traditional care settings; how to use consumer devices to create data from non-traditional sources and merge that data into the healthcare system for decision-making
  • Consumerized, patient-centered and connected health technologies
  • Among the earliest people with on-the-ground experience of integrating these devices such as home blood pressure monitoring, home diabetes or glucose monitoring, home weight monitoring after bariatric surgery, home heart failure monitoring

Points of View

COVID-19 has forced us to consumerize two experiences that were completely opaque for most people. In the span of a couple of weeks we took two of the most critical functions of society and forced them onto the Internet: education of our children and the provision of healthcare if you were not a COVID patient.

People are demanding more of their routine healthcare be easier to access using technologies. So we’re going to see that have a profound effect on hospitals.

Telemedicine is better for clinician burnout, for people and for convenience. Healthcare systems will be stronger the changes prompted by this pandemic, the care will be better, the outcomes will be better.

If we time it right, we can deliver more care to more people for a time, addressing the silver tsunami of retiring Baby Boomers that is requiring expanded healthcare capacity. If policymakers could phase in telemedicine to coincide with that wave, we could come out to the other side of the pandemic with much less pain.

The challenges we face post-COVID-19, as health systems try to implement consumerized technology, need to be solved by appropriate healthcare policy, appropriate economic policies, appropriate business model changes and appropriate societal-level adjustments of how we fund healthcare. Almost none of it is a technology problem. If we can unite the correct non-technology forces, we can implement a wholesale revolution of the way we deliver care that will benefit everyone on the other side of this pandemic.

Healthcare is a system, and it needs a systems-thinking approach. Let’s think about different areas that aren’t just telemedicine. How does telemedicine fit into the bigger picture? We all think this is a great day for technology. But nothing happens in isolation.