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Cherish Health, Inc.,


Sumit Kumar Nagpal is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on disruptive digital health innovation at scale. Over the past 25 years, he cofounded and grew five companies that tackle progressively bolder systemic challenges in healthcare experience, cost and access.

Nagpal currently serves as CEO and board director at Cherish Health, Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company that he cofounded. Cherish Health develops advanced sensors and AI combined with medical evidence and human touch, focusing on the elderly, the frail, and those living with chronic conditions to improve their lives and proactively enable supported self-care.

Nagpal began his career working with Steve Jobs at NeXT, Inc., who taught him how to abstract complex problems and systems down to their essence. Trained as a software developer, Nagpal also learned how to architect large-scale systems to meet the needs of Fortune 100 clients.

In 1993, Nagpal launched Wellogic, where he created one of the industry’s earliest longitudinal health records for hospitals. The next generation of his work fused workflows and patient information across multiple organizations and enabled remote consultations—all before broadband and before internet was ubiquitous.

As his vision grew, Nagpal aimed at more complex new challenges—creating regional health information sharing networks by integrating patient information from laboratories, pharmacies, imaging centers and others involved in care delivery with records from health and social care providers—all to enable safer patient care. Nagpal sold this company to diagnostics supplier Alere (now a part of Abbott) to bring connected health solutions to market that integrated medical records with medical device data in community and patient home settings to proactively predict risk and intervene early to avoid cost and higher acuity.

After Alere’s acquisition of Wellogic, Nagpal started LumiraDx, where he worked with his partners to launch a portable diagnostic device and platform that brings reference lab precision testing into ambulances, physician offices, emergency rooms, remote village clinics and more.

Nagpal’s next startup was Carefully, where he focused on the vision of a hospital alternative at home. While incubating Carefully, he joined Accenture as managing director and global lead for digital health strategy. Afterward, he joined Comcast NBCUniversal as senior vice president and global general manager for health Iinovation. Nagpal then formed his next high-growth startup, Cherish Health—merging Carefully into the company to focus on enabling safety, wellbeing and care in the home.

Cherish Health’s first innovation is a low-cost, connected, wearable biosensor patch that is now being used to help mitigate COVID-19, enabling people with the virus to recover—socially distanced— where they live with 24/7 support from their care teams.

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