Valerie Rogers

Director, Government Relations

Areas of Expertise

  • Public policy
  • Cross-sector data exchange
  • Public health and population health

Recent Press Coverage

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Areas of Interest

  • U.S. government and policy
  • Social determinents of health
  • Smart cities and communities

Point of View

We are thinking uniquely about the transformative nature of telehealth and telemedicine, and what that can do not only for basic healthcare needs, but its potential when combined with Artificial Intelligence, innovation and the internet of things.

Globally, we’re headed toward a fusion of interoperability across the spectrum of care. There are opportunities in using smart solutions, particularly in healthcare and mobilizing general populations.

One of the major barriers will be consumer health issues is around privacy and security and how personal data is used. The level of authority that you or I as individuals have about how our data is used, where our data is used, and even if we can benefit somehow from the use of our data, is part of the conversations we’re having.

Long term, the healthcare ecosystem can’t keep making plans in silos. We have to consider that there are other crises that can happen on top of an infectious disease crisis, such as hurricanes, wildfires, man-made threats to health and wellbeing. We have to make sure budgets and resources and partnerships reflect what we’re seeing happening now and what could be coming down the line in the future.