Achieving Gender Parity in Digital Health Workforce Webinar

Statistics report women as significantly outnumbering men in the health and care workforce. For women in health IT, however, it’s a different story. Recently, there’s been a gradual rise in women's participation in the digital health workforce. Nonetheless, women are still underrepresented in health information and technology and tend to be recognized less for their contributions. As in most industries, there is a disappointing representation of women in executive management positions, and this ratio is likely the highest in healthcare. Achieving gender parity and equal chances for career growth between men and women is still a distant reality for most of us. The webinar explores ways to increase the diversity of roles and to ensure equal prospects to leadership positions in the healthcare IT industry by highlighting the results of the Women in Health IT EMEA Annual Survey.


  • Liz Ashall-Payne, Founder and CEO ORCHA, Health
  • Marianna Imenokhoeva, Founder, Linktomedicine
  • Daniel Johnston, Clinical Workflow Specialist, Imprivata
  • Pascal Lardier, Vice President, International Programming and Content, HIMSS International
  • Angela Velkova, Director, Communities and Strategic Relations, HIMSS Europe
  • Stefanie Verghtert, Founder & Director, Big C

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