Connected Medication & Supply Management

Participating Organizations: BD, Epic

Follow this clinically integrated medication and supply management journey as Pamela Richard, a 67-year-old, is admitted for heart valve replacement. While a routine yet acute procedure, several teams are working behind the scenes to help ensure a safe and successful surgery. This team of nurses, pharmacy staff and supply chain personnel play an integral part in delivering the care for Pamela – from patient care to medication procurement, management, and delivery. To accomplish a successful procedure, this multi-disciplinary team relies on technology and connectivity to minimize risk and ease staff burden. This use case will illustrate how these technologies and their ability to integrate are pivotal in delivering intended healthcare outcomes. This demonstration tracks Pamela’s journey, including care and medications from the OR to the inpatient setting; looking behind the scenes in the central pharmacy to understand the daily workflow to manage, prepare, and distribute medications and the actionable insights needed to improve efficiencies both clinically and operationally. Next, Pamela is followed through her postoperative clinical care, which automates the processes to accurately inform, administer, and document her medication delivery and improve nursing efficiency. This connectivity platform optimizes data exchange between devices and the EMR, combined with cloud-based analytics to help provide critical advantages in near real-time workflow insights for Anesthesiology, Pharmacy, Supply Chain and Nursing.