Data Buyer's Guide

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It’s no secret that quality, curated healthcare data has grown into one of the most valuable business assets today. To unlock the full potential of this massive data pool, it comes down to identifying the specific datasets that best complement your business and help you achieve your goals while ensuring adherence to evolving privacy and security requirements.

Whether you are a part of a provider organization, payer, pharmacy, life science or healthcare technology company, you may be challenged with demonstrating improved patient outcomes while driving operational cost efficiencies — including the cost of data. Organizations with fully integrated business systems and workflows benefit from leveraging enterprise-wide cost efficiencies, reducing operational expenses, enabling compliance and limiting overall risk.

As the breadth and complexity of healthcare data sources require specific expertise to acquire, maintain, analyze and apply the information, this buyers guide will help you on your journey as you research and vet various data suppliers and why you need a true partner.

Key Takeaways

  • Know the right questions to ask when researching and vetting a healthcare data supplier
  • Understand the key factors to look for when it comes to ­­data, quality, curation and compatibility, market expertise, implementation, privacy and security, and innovation
  • Why tokenization technology combined with data quality can lead to even greater impact