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Development of A Comprehensive Intelligent Anti-Microbial System: An Epochal, Fast, and Digitally Precise Prediction of Therapeutic Antibiotics

Davies Award of Excellence
hospital consulting

Early treatment with an effective antimicrobial agent is critical to the outcome of an infected patient. Sepsis impacts and causes millions of deaths annually worldwide, including Taiwan, resulting in mortality rates of up to 29.2%. Microbial diagnosis at the Center of Laboratory Medicine is the beginning of our efforts. However, the critical condition changed more rapidly than that of the traditional method for identifying pathogens and antimicrobial susceptibility.

To accelerate sepsis diagnosis, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH)develops a comprehensive antimicrobial artificial intelligence (AI) platform, the Comprehensive Intelligent Anti-Microbial System (iAMS), which provides personalized antibiogram, sepsis and mortality risk prediction and monitoring, multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) detection/prediction, and intelligent antibiotic clinical decision support systems. Under limited clinical capacity, AI can improve medical efficiency. The number of usage statistics has reached 62,179 within one year and is currently increasing. After the system was launched, the mortality rate due to sepsis was successfully reduced. The mortality rate decreased by 7.1% compared to 13.4% in the same quarter of 2020. Through this system, it is expected that early diagnosis and precision treatment can be provided as soon as possible to increase the survival rate.