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DHAGE Priorities for the Decade of Digital Health

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The 5th annual Digital Health Advisory Group for Europe (DHAGE) High-Level Meeting was co-hosted by HIMSS and the Finnish Ministry for Social Affairs and Health. DHAGE serves as a visionary and dynamic thought leadership platform for influential decision makers in Europe. It helps countries and international organisations identify synergies and foster collaborations on digital health policies, providing a forum to collectively address complex and challenging issues in the realm of digital health. DHAGE also assists in identifying common ground and forging alliances on critical digital health policies.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in defining strategies for a decade of digital action by the European Union, the World Health Organization and several European countries. Building on this momentum, DHAGE took the opportunity to broaden the perspective on the transformation of digital health.

During the High-Level Meeting, DHAGE members engaged in in-depth discussions on the new landscape of digital health in Europe. Members explored critical topics and identified priority areas for action through three Round Tables, focusing on:

  • People and Professionals
  • Governance and Interoperability and
  • Innovation and Solutions.

These discussions were guided by a logical framework inspired by the EU's Digital Compass, ensuring a structured approach to group deliberations. The outcomes of the high-level meeting, captured in this report, present collaborative actions, policy recommendations, and suggestions for joint strategic initiatives. By sharing DHAGE members’ insights, experiences and lessons learned, the Group aims to drive the digital health agenda forward, ensuring a healthier and more digitally enabled future for Europe.

DHAGE Priorities for the Decade of Digital Health:

Round Table 1.  People and Professionals

Priority 1. Involving health professionals in digital health development

Priority 2. Putting people at the center: Co-creation, benefits and trust

Priority 3. Creating an EU level training programme on digital health

Round Table 2. Interoperability and Governance

Priority 1. Establishing a common language and defining terms for interoperability

Priority 2. Promoting innovative co-creation and testing of the interoperable legislation

Priority 3. Enhancing policymakers' understanding of digital health transformation

Round Table 3. Innovation and Solutions

Priority 1. Enabling policy environment for innovation and health information systems

Priority 2. Defining and positioning AI in Europe’s healthcare

Priority 3. Use of integrated health and social data

The Group seeks to influence policy agendas through a series of events according to the DHAGE work plan for the Decade of Digital Health. This plan will outline the next focal points in digital health strategies and policy debates, ensuring a comprehensive approach to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The views and opinions expressed in this document are those of the authors and participants of the DHAGE meeting, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the participating countries, organizations, or HIMSS or its affiliates.