Documentation Disconnect is Real: But So Are Solutions

Documentation efforts are currently happening in separate buckets between clinician groups. Documentation needs to be improved and elevated for all clinicians, readers and regulatory bodies. Hear the perspectives from these groups as we try to alleviate documentation disconnect. Access this webinar to learn strategies and tactics of how to improve documentation moving forward.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the requirements from regulatory entities when it comes to patient notes
  • Learn real time improvement strategies from physicians and nurses in documentation practices
  • Hear from a patient advocate on how best to document patient records to be consumed in a meaningful way and best practices for patients on how to contribute to their health record


  • Thomas Novak, Medicaid Interoperability Lead - Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT
  • Stacy Hurt, MHA, MBA, Patient Consultant, Healthcare Advocate, Digital Health Strategist, Survivorship Activist
  • Jody Mitchell, MD, Sports Medicine Physician and Medical Director at Owensboro Health
  • Brian Jacobs, MD, FHIMSS, Professor of Pediatrics, The George Washington University, CMIO, eClinicalWorks
  • Victoria L. Tiase, PhD, RN-BC, FAMIA, FAAN, Program Director, The Value Institute, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Donna Summers, MSN, RN-BC, CNIO, Henry Ford Health System

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