An Evolution in Standards Supporting Specialty Medication Workflow

HIMSS-NCPDP Pharmacy Town Hall Series: Part 3 of 3

The industry is moving forward creating and utilizing standards to improve the specialty medication workflow. The standards are designed to improve the processes for exchanging data regarding specialty medications.  This webinar is designed to educate and provide guidance on how to become involved in creating solutions to improve care for our Specialty patients. The discussion will offer an overview of the current Specialty pharmacy process, highlight electronic transactions available to improve patient care, and provide guidance on how to become involved in future enhancements

Learning Objectives

Review the current electronic transactions available impacting Specialty to improve patient care

  • List key organizations collaborating to create and improve standards

  • Identify current activities of the work group and how your participation in its task group calls can improve specialty pharmacy

  • Describe the areas highlighted in the NCPDP specialty pharmacy benefit coverage identification white paper

  • Discuss pilot opportunities with regards to reporting


  • Julie Hessick, RPh, Senior Director, OneOme
  • Laura Topor, President, Granada Health, Inc
  • Michele Kidd, Senior Manager, Clinical Technology, Accredo

Continuing Education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be available in this webinar

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