HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series: Episode 6

The sixth episode of the HIMSS APAC Digital Dialogue Series was hosted by HIMSS Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Charles Alessi, who spoke with Dr. Kwin Sirikwin, Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, Department of Disease Control and Executive Committee Member of Thai Medical Informatics Association (TMI); and Dr. Surangkana Techapaitoon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Samitivej and BNH Group of Hospitals to understand how Thailand has managed to contain the outbreak through the use of digital health technologies on the frontlines to strengthen its overall response.

Learning Objectives

  • Find out how Thai public health officials have incorporated digital technologies to enhance their workflow for emerging disease response—including communications, decision-making, and supporting front-line healthcare staff during COVID-19 outbreak
  • Discuss the challenges HIEs can present in light of COVID-19—and how interoperability among various information systems needs to be addressed for dealing with any emerging diseases in the future
  • Learn from success stories told by Samitivej and BNH Group of Hospitals—both dealing with challenging tasks through the establishment of a COVID-19 Emergency Response Team that worked in tandem with the Private Hospital Association and coordinated with government sectors

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