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2021 HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey Report

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The 2021 HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey sponsored by Carahsoft reflects the perspectives and insights of HIMSS’ members that are responsible for either day-to-day operations or oversight of healthcare cybersecurity programs. This industry-wide survey is the thirteenth annual cybersecurity survey for HIMSS. Data collection and analysis occurred in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phishing and ransomware are the most significant security incidents for healthcare organizations of all types. Financial information is often the target of cyber attackers. But our advancement towards robust healthcare cybersecurity is stymied by tight budgets, growing legacy technology footprints and a haphazard patchwork of security controls. Our healthcare organizations’ vulnerabilities are growing, yet more progress needs to be made to proactively detect and manage vulnerabilities. The findings of the 2021 HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey provide insights into how healthcare organizations are performing at a baseline level and identifies opportunities for improvement.

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In today’s world, discover how cybersecurity in healthcare—and protecting information—is vital for essential functions within an organization.

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