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Gaining healthcare knowledge with Insights eBook

The HIMSS Insights eBook series is a digital journal providing health information and technology education and thought leadership. HIMSS Insights provides in-depth coverage for information and technology professionals, clinical experts, commercial leaders and policy makers to shape the future of healthcare.

Produced by some of the most knowledgeable healthcare journalists from across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, this publication provides a better understanding of the developments and trends in health and care, from a truly global perspective.

Insights will take a deep dive into everything from artificial intelligence, global innovation, connected care, interoperability, digital transformation and patient empowerment.

Download your free copy today and stay on top of the latest and most vital digital health issues, discover what’s next and explore how other countries or regions across the globe are driving successful digital transformations.


September 2019:

HIMSS Insights - Cybersecurity

June 2019:
"Patient Empowerment"

HIMSS Insights - Patient Empowerment

May 2019:
"Digital Transformation"

HIMSS Insights - Digital Transformation


March 2019:
"Connected Care"

HIMSS Insights - Connected Care

February 2019:
"Global Innovators"

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December 2018:
"Artificial Intelligence"

HIMSS Insights - Artificial Intelligence


October 2018:
"Global Lessons on How to Foster a Culture of Innovation"

HIMSS Insights - Innovation

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