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HIMSS Leadership and Workforce Survey Report

Health IT leadership and workforce

The HIMSS U.S. Leadership and Workforce Survey has been a cornerstone of HIMSS research activities by uncovering trends and gaining valuable insights into the rapidly changing market for healthcare and IT professionals.

The most recent HIMSS U.S. Leadership and Workforce Survey reflects the perspectives of country's health information and technology leaders on a myriad of topics influencing the healthcare sector. The present report provides a robust profile of U.S. health information and technology priorities, as well as insight into their health IT workforce experiences.

Based on the feedback from U.S. health information and technology leaders, the findings yield these notable themes:

  • Hospitals and non-acute providers appear to have very different strategies regarding information and technology leadership and workers.
  • “Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Security” and “Improving Quality Outcomes Through Health Information and Technology” are top priorities by all respondent groups with hospital respondents demonstrating a remarkable intensity around “Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Security” as a priority.
  • Information and technology leadership in hospitals tends to be concentrated into two types of executives (CIOs and Senior Clinical IT Leaders) with Information Security Leaders emerging as a third notable member of the leadership team.
  • Providers and Vendors are generally aligned regarding information and technology resource demand expectations for the coming year.
  • The health IT workforce profile for Vendors and Hospitals has remained fairly consistent during the past three years with workforce challenges continuing to negatively impact hospitals while appearing to be subsiding somewhat for Vendors.

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Updated March 19, 2020