HIMSS Public Policy Principles

HIMSS’s Public Policy Principles (“Policy Principles”) serve as guidance for federal and state legislative and regulatory policy. Through this framework, the HIMSS North America Board of Directors articulates our policy expectations of practical solutions being harnessed to achieve better health through the best use of IT.  The Policy Principles provide policy-makers, our chapters, and our members with well-articulated solutions to inform and shape public discourse on the policy issues of the day, and understanding of how today’s decisions may impact, and be impacted by, the future.

For 2017 - 2018, the HIMSS Public Policy Principles address the following components of the Value of Health IT:

Supporting Care Transformation

  • Quality, Safety and Outcomes
  • Clinical & Administrative Efficiency
  • Interoperability, Health Information Exchange & Infrastructure
  • Innovation & Research
  • Information Privacy and Security
  • Patient Activation and Engagement

Expanding Access to High Quality Care

  • Connected Health
  • Equity

Increasing Economic Opportunity

  • Workforce Development
  • Economic Growth

Making Communities Healthier

  • Population Health Management
  • Public Health

Source: HIMSS Public Policy Committee