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Intelligence and New Trends Revealed in 2022 Future of Healthcare Report

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The 2022 Future of Healthcare study conducted by HIMSS and its Trust Partners – Accenture, The Chartis Group and ZS – asked patients, providers, payers and health system leaders in five countries about the shifts, advancements and priorities shaping care delivery. Each cohort outlined plans for digital transformations and the levels of personalized care they expect to offer within the next five years. Their responses make it clear that a transition toward digitally enabled and personalized care is well underway, even as adoption rates vary.

The research was conducted during November and December of 2021, and included respondents in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Among the participants were: 359 clinicians; 1,600 patients; 273 health system leaders and 145 representatives of payer organizations.

What does the research reveal? Almost every U.S. and international healthcare system intends to be in some stage of digital transformation by 2026-2027. Those that take too long to launch or advance, however, may find younger patients have moved on to rivals and retailers that embraced modern care models more quickly.

Personalized care will continue to become increasingly important. Digital health app patient usage will grow by at least 33% in the next three to five years; data in the final report showcases a breakdown of trends across major product categories. Interestingly, 44% of providers expect to partner with competitors to deliver personalized care to keep up with the growth and demand.

Every group in the study was encouraged by the possibility of reducing the further isolation of patients in digital deserts by digitally transforming health systems to greatly improve current health access disparities. Working together, the opportunities to increase efficiency, improve healthcare experiences and deliver care more equitably are immense.

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Key findings from the 2022 Future of Healthcare Report. 

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