Mergers & Acquisitions: Lessons Learned from the CIO/CTO Perspective

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activities continue to be major drivers in the healthcare market and have diversified into several categories.

  • Health Systems merging with Health Systems
  • Physician Practices merging with Physician Practices
  • Health Systems acquiring Physician Practices
  • Managed Care Organizations affiliating with Health Systems
  • Private Equity and Private Capital funding many of the above models

While the attraction is appealing, M&A initiatives can be time consuming, financially risky and not guaranteed for overall success. To help those who are considering, currently leading or executing a merger or acquisition, we have assembled a panel of experts to share their experiences with these endeavors—both good and bad—so that you can learn and reflect as you pursue your own initiatives. The second session focuses on the CIO and CTO role and perspectives on navigating the merger or acquisition, including topic areas concerning:

  • Consolidating Staff
  • System Readiness
  • Data Mapping


  • Adam Sloggett, CISO, Keystone Technologies
  • Matthew Grob, Senior Director for Governance in the Digital and Technology Partners Department, Mount Sinai Health System
  • Mark Probst, CIO, ELLKAY
  • Nick Szymanski, VP and Chief Information Officer, Signature Healthcare

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