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Nursing Informatics Workforce Infographic

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Nursing informaticists play a crucial role in healthcare. As a key player within nursing and IT teams, these specialists are the driving force behind the development, implementation and optimization of EMRs, nursing clinical documentation, point-of-care clinical decision support and computerized practitioner order entry.

Nursing informatics takes the clinical and the technical languages of health and translates them into one. It also promotes meaningful, user-friendly and patient-centric innovation while driving improved outcomes for patients and enhanced clinical workflows for healthcare staff.

Building upon research that began in 2004, the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey is conducted every three years to get a pulse on workforce trends within the realms of job responsibility, career satisfaction, education, salary and more.

Formal training and education are a large priority for this nursing specialty. Thirty-seven percent of respondents reported holding a master's degree or PhD as compared with 31% in 2017. Those who have received a certificate in nursing informatics rose from 20% in 2017 to 25% in 2020. And 15% of respondents reported having completed a vendor/supplier certification, a new category in the 2020 survey.

The number of respondents with any certification took a significant jump from 49% in 2017 to 58% in 2020. In a new question for 2020, survey respondents selected enhanced credibility and marketability (49%) and personal satisfaction (45%) as top reasons to pursue certification.

The number of respondents earning more than $150,000 a year stayed the same (11%) since 2017. The number of respondents making $131,000 to $150,000 rose by four percentage points in the same time period, and those making $116,000 to $130,000 increased by three percentage points. As with previous years, the majority of respondents (63%) stated they earn a base salary between $61,000 and $115,000.

As a critical member within the healthcare ecosystem, we have an opportunity to continue to make sure nursing informaticists have a seat at the table when it comes to leadership decisions within care settings. Nursing informaticists' role will continue to grow in importance as we strive to build a healthier world.

Infographic explaining nursing informatics workforce data

Source: HIMSS 2020 Nursing Informatics Workforce Survey

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