Sharing is Caring: Stakeholder Perspectives on Information Blocking

Information sharing is the new term to describe why it is so important to avoid information blocking. Information blocking is defined in the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule as an action that can interfere with the access, exchange or use of electronic health information (and that meets knowledge and intent standards, is not required by state or federal law, and is covered by an “exception.” The Cures Act prohibits the following covered actors from information blocking: healthcare providers, developers of certified health IT, health information exchanges (HIEs), and health information networks (HINs). Across the health IT ecosystem, questions arise about how the prohibition of information blocking impact what is required vs. what is possible as individuals and authorized parties seek to access electronic health information (EHI), including directly via apps and FHIR APIs. 

Join the HIMSS Interoperability and HIE Committee, as we gather a panel of experts from each of the actor groups to learn how their organizations and industry segments are ensuring appropriate information sharing (and information blocking compliance). The panel answers pressing questions regarding how their various organizations are handling information sharing obligations and goals while preparing to comply with regulations and deadlines, such as the October 6 move to a full definition of EHI and expected regulations on compliance and enforcement.

Learning Objectives

After this roundtable, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize the various methods being utilized to comply with information sharing rules given the different groups: Providers, HIE/HINs and HIT Developers.
  2. Analyze the risks and opportunities for increasing individual access to electronic health information through both information sharing rules.
  3. Integrate techniques explained by the roundtable at your own organizations to better follow information sharing rules.


  • Ammon Fillmore, Associate Chief Legal Officer: Information & Technology, AdventHealth
  • Josh Mast, Lead Regulatory Strategist, Oracle Cerner
  • Dolly Poole, Sr. Principal Consultant, Health IT Interoperability, Kaiser Permanente
  • Melissa Soliz, Partner, Coppersmith Brockelman, PLC
  • Moderator: Michael Marchant, Director, Health Information Exchange, UC Davis Health

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