Emerging Technologies

Using Technology to Improve Individual Daily Performance

scheduling with technology

We use technology in a number of ways on a daily basis. In the last few years, the quality of technology has improved and become more accessible for many individuals. It has changed the way that people live their lives and will only continue to advance.

There are many ways that we can use technology to improve our daily performance, whether in our career or personal lives. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to become more familiar with the use of multiple types of technology; in fact, it required us to adapt to the digital era. We have since innovated in the ways that technology can improve our lives. Whether we are using technology for collaboration, time-management, attending medical appointments or placing a grocery order, we all use it to a large extent.

Use of technology daily

  • Help plan your day. Use the calendar application on your phone to lay out the next day’s schedule. A good time to complete this task is after dinner or before bed.
  • Increase and enhance opportunities for collaboration. Attend meetings virtually via Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet or another platform. This allows for participation, even when the option to be in the same place at the same time isn’t possible.
  • Simplify and optimize daily tasks. Sync your personal calendar with those of your family, friends or with your work calendar. You’ll be able to keep track of personal engagements along with work, likely able to create a healthy work-life balance.
  • Engage in activities that promote happiness. Activities with a group of friends or colleagues through mobile apps can provide rewarding experiences. For example, a walking competition with friends to see who can get the most miles in one week.

According to an article from Enlightened Digital, everyday life can get busy, and if you’re a professional, it may be hard to balance your workdays and social time. It also notes that automating tasks with technology can assist in lightening your workload. This step can create a healthier and more rewarding work-life balance.

When used correctly and appropriately, technology has the ability to make life easier and safer. The amount of technology available to us today makes it hard to believe that some of it have only existed for a few years. Which brings us to this: How did we manage to do so much with pen and paper? How did we keep track of tasks and appointments?

We had managed somehow, but technology has made our daily lives exponentially easier — both in our career and in our personal lives. Given the lightening speed at which technology advances, we need to be willing to take a chance and incorporate it into our daily tasks. 

All told, the use of technology will only increase as its advancements continue to evolve.  Technology has given us access to many things, and has helped to advance many industries. We use it to communicate, work, travel and provide medical care — to name just a few.

Will we ever get burned out at how much technology has infiltrated our lives? It’s a possibility, but admittedly, we are in the midst of a digital age and for many years to come.