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The Value of HIMSS Market Insights for Healthcare Marketers

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We’ve all heard of the adage in marketing that content is king. It’s still true, although with so much content being produced and disseminated these days, marketers must hone in on the quality of the content. Leveraging primary data, first-hand data gathered by researchers, is one of the most effective ways to deliver high-quality content, especially in the healthcare industry.

In an industry constrained by human, financial and information technology (IT) resources, healthcare organizations (HCOs) want to know what pain points their peers are experiencing, what strategies they’re developing and what solutions they are deploying to meet their goals. For payers, hospitals, health systems, and life sciences organizations, this knowledge enables them to be more nimble and more cost-efficient. For IT vendors, the market intelligence enables them to address their clients’ needs more efficiently. Primary data captures the “voice of” the targeted audience in a timely way.

However, where you get your primary data is key, and what you do with that primary data is just as critical.

HIMSS Market Insights: Unlocking the Power of Data

Empower thought leadership and strategically increase market share with unbiased healthcare analysis and perspective.

HIMSS Market Insights conducts two types of research methods: quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative method is conducted online and double-blinded, which removes biases respondents may have about the survey sponsor and ensures honest and authentic responses. This method is leveraged to find patterns and averages, make predictions, test causal relationships and generalize results to wider populations.

Leveraging focus groups and in-depth interviews allows for qualitative insights which uncover the “why” from primary data, versus the “what” that quantitative surveys deliver. Qualitative insights are conversational, which creates the opportunity for topic deep dives, highlighting opinions and behaviors, as well as facilitating an environment conducive to the brainstorming of new ideas.

When you engage with HIMSS Market Insights, you’re entering into a partnership where reaping actionable information is the goal. We start with defining what objectives your organization wants to glean from the data. We ask such questions as:

  • What segment of the market do you want to talk to?
  • Who is the target population?
  • What is the key information you would like your research to uncover?
  • What do you want to know about your customers or your market?
  • What is the story you want to tell?

Developing the survey tool is a collaborative effort, with HIMSS Market Insights also providing best practices and lessons learned from HIMSS’ years of conducting research and subject matter expertise from our resident experts.

Once the data is gathered, we analyze it. For surveys that could include significance testing, which highlights, for example, if an insight skews significantly higher for a specific work environment like an IDN or a specialty hospital. We then chart and graph the data in PowerPoint to tell the story of your data and deliver an Insights presentation

Beyond the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ and ‘why’

HIMSS Market Insights provides primary data, but we go beyond delivering what survey respondents are currently doing and planning to do. We partner with our HIMSS Marketing Solutions content team to transform your primary data into actionable market intelligence. The close collaboration between HIMSS Market Insights and HIMSS Marketing Solutions ensures a smooth transition from data to content and a greater understanding of the research that translates to thoughtful and strategic content development.

Primary data provides a strong foundation for educational thought-leadership content. Backed by years of experience, HIMSS Marketing Solutions can help you create data-driven content that highlights your organization’s thought leaders. We will even provide HIMSS subject matter experts to guide your target audience to greater awareness of issues and to offer resolutions to industry challenges.

Strategic insights and compelling narratives will give your organization a competitive edge, and that’s how primary data and your content stays in front of healthcare leaders and decision-makers.


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