DEHC1- HIMSS Validates First Stage 7 INFRAM Worldwide for Samsung Medical Center in South Korea

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) became the world's third medical provider to achieve HIMSS INFRAM 6 in November 2021, followed by the world's first healthcare provider to reach the highest stage of the HIMSS INFRAM (Infrastructure Adoption Model) in April 2022.

In the meantime, SMC has worked tirelessly to become a high-tech intelligent hospital, and as a result, it seems that it was able to receive the INFRAM 7 rating for the first time in the world.

Such INFRAM is possible only when the most representative SDN (Software Defined Network) infrastructure is built.

SDN is the most suitable solution for wired/wireless integration, it can maintain compatibility with existing networks, and is the most important concept to build a basic platform for advanced intelligent hospitals. Based on this SDN, various solutions such as RTLS, wired and wireless collaboration tools, mobile, and robot wireless infrastructure operation were applied.

And It can be said that it is a basic infrastructure that can apply various high-quality technologies by providing basic technologies in the five areas of INFRAM (mobility, security, collaboration, transmission, and data center).

Session Details

September 27, 2022
1:45 PM - 2:15 PM


Mr Jean- Hyoung Lee
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Samsung Medical Center
South Korea