September 29, 2020
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health

Keynote: Breaking Stereotypes and Improving the Digital Experience

2020 has fundamentally shifted the way in which patients engage with the healthcare system. Virtual care has exploded with telehealth visits expected to grow by nearly 65%. It’s been reported that in some regions 35% of Medicare beneficiaries received a telehealth service in the first half of 2020. Healthcare stakeholders have scrambled to implement virtual care plans much quicker than they ever anticipated, but making sure the technology is ready for such massive growth is just half of the story.

As patients from all walks of life are beginning to participate in telehealth, we must also ensure that access to care is available for all. How can we eliminate barriers for underserved populations to provide equal access to the tools and infrastructure required for these services? What biases must the healthcare system be aware of, and eliminate, within the digital experience? In his keynote, President & CEO of SCAN Health, Dr. Sachin Jain will address the stereotypes present within virtual care and provide insights on how they can be addressed.

Session Details

September 29, 2020
12:05 PM - 12:15 PM


Sachin Jain
President and CEO
SCAN Group and SCAN Health Plan