Dr Tanuj Gupta

Business Leader, Operational Informatics
United States

Dr Tanuj K. Gupta is business leader of business leader of Operational Informatics, he is creating the strategy and leading the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics solutions, interoperability solutions, virtualimaging, and patient engagement tools.

Previously at Cerner, Dr. Gupta led the product management, data science and engineering teams for AI in healthcare, actively pursuing predictive machine learning (ML), ambient voice solutions, natural language understanding (NLU), and semantic interoperability to make healthcare technology more intuitive. He also served in both the population health practice and as the managing director for Cerner’s clinical consulting strategy practice.

Tanuj came to Cerner from Siemens Healthcare, where he worked as senior director of Clinical Market Strategy for diagnostic imaging. He piloted methods for analyzing clinical, operational, and financial data of healthcare systems in order to influence product marketing, development and sales. Tanuj began at Siemens as a field physician, providing consulting services to clients which included an interim role for the CMIO office at multiple hospitals.

Prior to Siemens, Dr. Gupta has held a variety of roles within healthcare. As executive director of Medical Affairs at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, he led scientific alliances with the healthcare technology and medical quality improvement communities. At Telligen, he served as director for a CMS-commissioned project that focused on technology adoption, culture transformation, process redesign and performance measurement for healthcare providers. He also served as Vice President of Technology at Scribe, Inc., leading the development of web-based clinical applications for physicians.

Tanuj received his medical degree from Northwestern University, a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Boston University, and an MBA in finance from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.