Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare

December 1 - 2, 2020
| Digital Summit


CEMOSoft LLC, Arizona USA based, combines innovations capabilities and emerging technologies (Cloud, Mobile, AI ML/DL Software, Edge, IOT, NUC-Kiosk, Big Data and more) as enablers for healthcare businesses pursuing digital transformation (we term this “Digitization”).  CEMOSoft focus is Patient Engagement and Experience (“PatNX”) to provide healthcare businesses (single physician, group, HMOs, Satellite/Rural facilities, Clinics and Hospitals), newer ways to engage patient, manage experience and integrate information seamlessly with EHRs.

CEMOSoft “PatNX” -- Patient Engagement and Experience platform supports the needs expressed by hospitals administrators-practice managers for a platform that allows “Same single view of patient data, anytime, anywhere”. “PatNX” integrates CEM series to engage patients, gather insights and intelligence, and build big data for new programs such as AI/Machine Learning, Direct to Patient, Personalization and more. 

Given Covid-19 era, CEMOSoft offers “S2E” (Screen to Enter) platform to screen entrants (patient, visitor) prior to entering a building – thus, help create a safer environment. O’Kiosks Virtual platform enables to accelerate touchless, contactless experiences to patients, physicians/nurses and front office teams using personal mobile phone-tablet.

CEM Series (Customer Experience Management) CEMO.AI enables to engage patients, gather patient insights and build big data for growth programs, such as AI Machine Learning/Deep Learning, D2C/D2P, Personalization and more. CEMO-X is to allow scaling across multiple location and provide both corporate/regional and local units same view of PatNX.

Covid-19 S2E allows hospitals/clinics/practices to screen patients with mobile, prior to arrival. S2E AI algorithm, based on rules/conditions evaluates and deliver a status to the patient/visitor mobile, such as “Enter today”, or “Wait in Lobby”,  or “Do not Enter today”. You can screen entrants for symptoms to infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 and create a safer workplace.

O’Kiosk - Order-to-Delivery Kiosk – elevates the healthcare business to deliver conveniences along patient journey at premise, new innovations are possible with your needs and imagination. Customers with mobile can look-up, order, select pick-up location, for a touchless, contactless, virtual experience, “Beyond Curbside, Beyond Waiting Room/Lobby”.