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Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM)

The global standard for EMR transformation

Better EMR usage means better care, period. EMRAM arms you with a clear view of where you stand and a clear roadmap towards full use of your patient health records. At each stage, you’ll create EMR workflows that improve patient outcomes, support clinical teams, and make personalized care scalable.

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Healthcare depends on patient data

Your EMR is your system’s knowledge hub. Need to pull medical records for a patient? That’s your EMR, obviously. But there’s tons of ways your EMR can improve care delivery—including consolidating and displaying external data, supporting clinical decisions with peer-reviewed best practices, and incorporating predictive analytics. Using it right is vital

But when you’ve got dozens of workflows and departments involved, fine-turning your EMR usage isn’t easy. EMRAM is our answer to that exact challenge. With insights from our industry-leading framework, you’ll get a proven roadmap towards expert-level EMR usage. That means better outcomes, serious cost savings, and less weight on clinicians. 


Better data, better care

Here’s what EMRAM looks like in action:


Spotting gaps in your EMR usage

Our model measures the maturity of your EMR workflows using global benchmarks, so you can identify problem areas—and win buy-in for the fixes.

A proven roadmap for digital transformation

You’ll learn which top-level changes to make when, and drill down into EMR projects like patient portals and advanced analytics.

Improving data access and patient outcomes

EMRAM will help you unify and safely share data from multiple sources—so patients and clinicians have the right information at the right time.

Banishing grunt work for good

Our framework will help you automate repetitive clinical and admin tasks and integrate global best practices into your existing EMR workflows.

Here’s how EMRAM helped other centers transform.

reduction in costs treating bacterial (MRSA) infections for AdventHealth.

of patient portal questions answered within five working days at Radboud.

in savings on antimicrobial therapy for Stanford Children’s Hospital.






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Duke Health Case Study

Fighting sepsis with predictive analytics

Duke Health built the world’s first AI model for sepsis screening—right inside their EMR. EMRAM helped them spot gaps in their usage and keep working groups focused as they rolled out their Sepsis Watch model.

With our framework backing them up, Duke has reduced mortality rates by 31% and reduced false alarms by 62%. Better outcomes and less alarm fatigue: that’s what your EMR could be doing for you, too.

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Take it from their leadership, though:

“Certification helped us optimize our EMR usage—and improve both patient care and the experience of our clinical team.”
Eugenia McPeek Hinz, MD, MS
Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Duke Health
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