25 April, 2024
| Dubai
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Dubai Health Authority
Emirates Health Services
Department of Health

Shape the future of healthcare in the Middle East by joining us in Dubai on 25 April 2024 for the HIMSS Executive Summit.

Designed for Leadership Collaboration

Our Executive Summits provide an exclusive, in-person setting to gain local knowledge and exchange ideas with more than 200 healthcare leaders and executives. At the summit, you can learn from each other’s experiences, share insights, and build lasting relationships with other highly influential players in the industry.

Led by Regional Experts

Our summit features renowned speakers from the region who will discuss their insights into digital health and share their experiences in transforming care delivery models and their insights on digital health topics such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data security, and more. Gain valuable knowledge from our panelists, learn from the best practices, and find out what works for them so you can implement it in your own organization.

What We Will Talk About

We build our programme to provide attendees with an opportunity to explore how to drive digital health innovation in a dynamic and diverse workforce. Engage in meaningful conversations on topics like data-driven insights, patient engagement, patient-centered care models and more. Discover new strategies for driving change within hospitals that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

2024 Deep Dive Topic Areas


Future of Generative AI in Healthcare

Gain local thought leadership from leaders across the Middle East on the role of generative AI in healthcare.

Genomics and Precision Medicine

Explore how genomic, environmental and lifestyle information can guide decisions related to a patient’s medical management.

Developing and Deploying Tools to Accelerate Digital Maturity

This session will provide a platform to explore how our tools are evolving AND how they are supporting leading providers to improve outcomes.

Let's build healthcare's future together
Registration for the HIMSS Executive Summit in Dubai is now open.