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HIMSS Public Policy Center

The HIMSS Public Policy Center helps our members—and the industry—interpret and implement government health policies and regulations for the transformation of health and wellness. We provide decision-makers at federal and state levels with educational materials and public policy recommendations on the value of health information and technology.

Building a strong foundation of health information and technology is critical to our vision of realizing the full health potential of every human, everywhere. To achieve this goal, the tools, technologies and resources must exist so that every person has access to a long-term, comprehensive digital picture of their health over their lifespan.

Working Closely with Government Health Agencies

Federal agencies have put forward a number of initiatives to ensure that the right care is delivered at the right place and time to patients. By supporting a commitment to healthy communities and reaching out to Congress, we can help create a modern public health ecosystem that will enable automated, interoperable and rapid data exchange, ultimately protecting the health of all Americans from the public health threats of tomorrow.

The HIMSS government relations team works closely with the U.S. Congress, public policymakers, state legislatures and regulatory solutions to improve health through information and technology. Current key issues focus on the areas of interoperability, value-based care, substance use disorders and public health, privacy and cybersecurity, and usability/user experience.

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Government Relations Team

Get answers to your government relations questions and connect to HIMSS members and chapters through the HIMSS Government Relations team. The team also assists members during their trips to Washington, DC.

  • Providing key data, background research, and value of health information technology (IT) and more
  • Responding to questions about past, current, and potential legislation or regulations related to health IT
  • Arranging site visits in your state or district, or in the Washington, DC area

HIMSS National Capital Area Office

4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 250
Arlington, VA 22203
(703) 562-8800


Members of the HIMSS Government Relations team include:

Vice President, Government Relations
(703) 562-8814

Jeff Coughlin, MPP
Senior Director, Federal and State Affairs
(703) 562-8824