Public Policy Committee

A dynamic group of thought leaders come together to advance national health policy in HIMSS' Public Policy Committee. Committee members work closely with the U.S. Congress, key federal decision-makers, state legislatures and governments, and industry organizations to recommend policy, legislative, and regulatory solutions that will improve health and population health through information and technology.

Roundtables, Task Forces and Workgroups

Committee members lead change in the health field through a number of roundtables, task forces and workgroups, listed below.

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HIMSS Government Relations Roundtable is a monthly public policy roundtable comprised of volunteers who represent the over eighty HIMSS Diamond Corporate Members. The mission statement of the Government Relations Roundtable is to:

  • Harness the extensive knowledge and expertise of over 80 Diamond Corporate members to promote improvements and investments within our healthcare technology domain.
  • Provide counsel from the corporate member perspective to the HIMSS Public Policy Committee to be the recognized source of information and provide access to key decision makers.

Businesses owned by minorities, women and veterans take advantage of the HIMSS Diversity Business Roundtable to advocate, collaborate, network and grow.

When you join the Diversity Business Roundtable, you get access to:

  • Educational and other resources to support members' growth
  • A home for small and diverse enterprises to take advantage of resources
  • A place for members to share strategies for developing their businesses

Lawyers who practice in private firms, the government and HIMSS member organizations combine their efforts in support of the Public Policy Committee and HIMSS in the HIMSS Legal Task Force.

When you join the Legal Task Force, you will:

  • Assist in developing HIMSS' formal comments on proposed federal and state legislation, government regulations, and policies
  • Provide legal expertise on HIMSS agreements, policies, regulations and legislation
  • Respond to requests for input from the HIMSS Public Policy Committee, other committees of HIMSS and the leadership of HIMSS
  • Provide legal expertise for content and speakers for programs sponsored by HIMSS

Members of the HIMSS Public Policy Principles Workgroup develop the Board of Directors-approved HIMSS Public Policy Principles document, which aids stakeholders in formulating proposed legislation, federal and state regulation, and policies. The Public Policy Principles document – which is available to all stakeholders – is a roadmap providing guidance, priorities, and direction for HIMSS staff and volunteers.

When you join the HIMSS Public Policy Principles Workgroup, you will:

  • Develop the HIMSS Public Policy Principles document, which directs HIMSS’ continuing public policy and government affairs activities

Members of the HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards Workgroup help to recognize federal and state leaders who have made a significant contribution to the health information field by vetting nominations for the annual HIMSS Leadership Award, which is presented each year during National Health IT Week.

When you join the HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards Workgroup, you will:

  • Vet nominations from HIMSS members for the annual HIMSS Leadership Awards
  • Make recommendations to the HIMSS Public Policy Committee and the HIMSS Board of Directors

Members of the HIMSS Congressional Asks Workgroup contribute to the Congressional Ask, a document that will become the essence of all Congressional Office visits conducted during HIMSS Policy Summit in October, as well as providing language and talking points for use throughout the year.

When you join the Congressional Asks Work Group, you participate in:

  • Analyzing the changing health IT environment
  • Making recommendations to the HIMSS Public Policy Committee and the HIMSS Board of Directors on priority issues to be presented to Congress by the Policy Summit participants

Committee Members

Terri Ripley

Terri Ripley



Michelle Templinl

Vice Chair

Meg Marshall

Meg Marshall
Senior Director, Public Policy

Vice Chair

Hank Fanberg

Hank Fanberg
Program Director, Digital Health
University of New Orleans School of Business

Vice Chair

Larry Wolf

Larry Wolf

Chair Emeritus

Aaron Miri

Aaron Miri
Chief Information Officer
University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School

Ray Golish, MD

Ray Golish, MD
Jupiter Medical Center

Howard Rosen

Howard Rosen
LifeWire Corp

Tony Trenkle Sr.

Tony Trenkle Sr.
TTrenkle Consulting, LLC

Josh Harvey

Josh Harvey
Director, Health IT Policy & Strategy
HCA Healthcare

Amy Thorpe

Amy Thorpe
Managing Consultant
Encore Health Resources

Mary Griskewicz

Mary P. Griskewicz, MS, FHIMSS
Director, Federal Government Affairs Policy


Thomas Martin, PHD


Jonathan Melling


Jennifer Stoll


Tamara Winden, FHIMSS, MBA, PhD


Staff Liaison

Samantha Burch
Senior Director, Congressional Affairs

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