AcademyHealth and HIMSS Join Forces to Leverage Health and Health Care Data to Support Changes in Policy and Practice

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HIMSS is collaborating on the Health Datapalooza 2019 – AcademyHealth’s 10th annual convening on health data and technology.

“HIMSS is proud to join AcademyHealth in the Health Datapalooza and in working together to ensure the secure and meaningful transformation of data into new capabilities that deliver innovation in health transformation,” said Hal Wolf, HIMSS president and chief executive officer. “The critical relationship between the private and public providers, government policy, innovators and citizens/patients/consumers has always been the driver behind HIMSS’s devotion of health thought leadership and data standardization so that critical information can be seamlessly available at the point of care and knowledge management. HIMSS and AcademyHealth share this critical recognition for innovation starting with the data that we need to impact the health eco-system.”

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