Announcing the Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability

Hal Wolf stands at a podium. Two other men stand on his left.

Today, at the ONC Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., HIMSS, HL7 International, and IHE International announced the formation of the Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability.

The consortium plans to rapidly advance global digital health efficiency through next generation API-based interoperability at the point of care. The Consortium will convene at HIMSS20.

The Consortium will share lessons learned, best practices, adoption metrics and expert guidance to rapidly drive adoption of standards-based health IT interoperability. These efforts will turn policy-based interoperability roadmaps and vision into reality.

The Consortium will also share use cases, implementation guides, and test plans to achieve rapid, coordinated and efficient deployment of next generation API-based interoperability standards that benefit the entire global healthcare community.

Visit the Consortium website to learn more.

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