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Digital Healthcare Leaders Meet at HIMSS24 Europe to Deliver Solutions to Tomorrow’s Health Challenges

HIMSS23 Europe in Lisbon

The future of healthcare is here. Artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital transformation and cybersecurity are just a few of the emerging trends driving a new wave of healthcare innovations across the globe.  

To address these issues and the continent’s most pressing healthcare needs, the longest-running, most influential digital health conference in Europe returns in 2024 to bring together the innovators who will shape tomorrow’s healthcare.    

The HIMSS24 European Health Conference & Exhibition will take place from 29-31 May at the Centro Congressi Roma La Nuvola in Rome, Italy. The conference serves as the epicenter for pan-European collaborations and innovations. The event will feature influential leaders from across the digital healthcare landscape working together to build better solutions. 

Registration is now open for HIMSS24 Europe. The conference will attract thousands of industry experts from around the world, including CIOs and CTOs, AI developers and data scientists, healthcare practitioners and public health policy leaders. 

“We’ve built an innovative programme that offers the tools and insights healthcare professionals need to transform systems and improve outcomes,” said Ronan O’Connor, Managing Director, EMEA and Vice President at HIMSS. “This year, we are proud to bring executives, policymakers and professionals of all kinds together in Italy, which is a leader in digital health innovation.” 

The conference will dive into global health challenges. Experts will lead discussions on how Europe uses data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to address universal issues like health equity, refugee care, climate change, digital literacy and access to healthcare. 

Additional conference tracks include:  

  • AI: Cutting Through the Hype 
  • Data Analytics and Interoperability 
  • Digital Transformation in Action 
  • Workforce Development & Sustainability 
  • Disease Prevention Reimagined 
  • Digitally Enabled Care Pathways 
  • Empowering Patients 

The conference is supported by a Programme Committee comprising 17 highly reputable and well-respected healthcare professionals from across Europe representing key players in digital health transformation. The committee recently issued a Call for Proposals and is looking for the best and brightest minds in healthcare, digital health, AI and data analytics to present their work on innovative health solutions.  

HIMSS24 Europe is also supported by corporate partners and sponsors that help guide engagement with the European health ecosystem, including healthcare providers, pharma and biotech, manufacturers and public policymakers. The new HIMSS EMEA Patient Advisory Group is also helping shape the agenda, ensuring better patient outcomes are at the heart of every session. 

Networking opportunities and experiences will also be at the forefront of HIMSS24 Europe, where attendees can connect with representatives from over 70 countries representing the global health ecosystem.

HIMSS24 Europe is the destination to learn, connect, innovate

Better patient outcomes and stronger workforces are a team project. At HIMSS24 Europe, we’ve built a programme to arm you and your peers with the insights you need to transform health systems back at home.

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