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Global Health Equity Week Spotlight: Faith Adole

Faith Adole, founder of U-VOL Foundation Inc

In recognition of Global Health Equity Week 2023, HIMSS is celebrating women in nonprofit leadership who share a commitment to realizing the full health potential of every human, everywhere.

Explore what drives these leaders, learn about their organizations and consider championing their missions.

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Faith Adole, U-VOL Foundation

Faith Adole, founder of U-VOL Foundation Inc, is a visionary healthcare leader.

She is an experienced nurse practitioner and healthcare executive currently pursuing doctoral studies in executive nursing leadership and an MBA at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

Adole is an experienced healthcare leader who is passionate about inspiring nurses and midwives to lead in global health settings. She is committed to healthcare advocacy and bridging the gap in healthcare and wellness needs of communities throughout the world.

Tell us about your organization’s mission, its impact on advancing healthier communities and the people you serve.

U-VOL Foundations mission is to help meet the unmet healthcare and wellness needs of underprivileged societies through medical outreach, health education, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, women's empowerment, and other healthcare sustainability projects. Since 2015, U-VOL has worked both domestically and internationally alongside local community stakeholders, as well as local, state, and federal governments to provide medical care, pharmaceuticals, water relief, human resource support, training, and infrastructural support that both broaden treatment options and improve the quality of care among underserved communities.

What is your long-term goal? And what will it take to reach this goal?

U-VOL’s vision is to continue to build dynamic relationships and partnerships with people, communities, and organizations to create global healthcare and wellness initiatives to lessen existing healthcare disparities worldwide.

To achieve our goal, some of the key program objectives include:

Enhancing Communities: U-VOL's Medical Outreach and WASH programs will significantly reduce the rates of communicable, waterborne & non-communicable diseases which will contribute to healthier community outcomes and greater opportunities for community development.

Protecting the Environment: U-VOL WASH is reducing carbon foot-prints by using solar powered energy sources to support its mechanized water systems. Its program will also help to eradicate open defecation in targeted communities.

Economic Development: U-VOL's WASH & ValueHer programs will support economic development through its education and artisan skill development training opportunities.

Empowering Women: U-VOL's comprehensive programs will help empower women and young girls who suffer disproportionately due to inadequate access to WASH, health education and healthcare services.

Empowering the Healthcare Workforce: U-VOL’s programs will help to empower, support and equip clinicians & community health workers to promote capacity building and sustainable healthcare advancement.

Are you looking for certain types of technology partnerships who can support your mission?

U-VOL is looking for partnerships to help integrate technology into its current healthcare programs to promote increased access to tele-health services, tele-education and tech enabled support devices for field clinicians and community health workers. In addition, U-VOL is also looking for technology to help improve data collection & storage, compliance, surveillance, and security.

What are ways HIMSS members and staff can get involved with your organization?

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